Think Green!

About a year ago we decided to take the first steps toward becoming a more environmentally friendly nation. This is what we have accomplished so far:

1. All cars driven and sold in Unixploria must be hybrids or solely run on electricity.

2. We conserve water by minimizing the time spent in showers. We also collect rainwater to water garden plants.

3. We have reduced our long-distance travels, and all official trips are made by bicycles, hybrid/electric cars, trains or boats. Traveling by plane is still not prohibited but highly taxed and regulated.

4. To reduce pollution from transports, we try to only import goods from nations in our region. Unixploria is not yet entirely self-sufficient, but we aim to be.

5. Recycling is mandatory for all Unixplorians.

6. We are currently working on ways to determine how digital waste can be minimized. Waste from digital gadgets like cell phones and computers are – along with traveling by plane – the worst choices we can make when it comes to ecological sustainability.

7. Pesticides are illegal to buy and use. All foods produced on Unixplorian soil are organic.

8. Plastic bags and containers are still not prohibited, but we have taken the first steps to minimize the use of them. Revised legislation is due later this year.

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