Goal for 2024

Our primary focus in 2024 is Project Polymath, where we will work on developing new skills and becoming more versatile.

Since childhood, the King dreamed of being a polymath. His preference for a generalist rather than a specialist approach allows for a holistic perspective and deeper thinking.

We will study various subjects, from Archaeology to Zoology and everything in between. Our objective is not only to acquire knowledge in these academic disciplines but also to apply what we learn to enhance our nation and strengthen the departments at Academia Unixploria.

As part of our comprehensive studies, we will include physical education. However, we will begin our journey by learning the fundamental techniques of learning and memory passed down by the ancient masters. To truly understand, we must first unlearn what has been ingrained in us during our traditional education.

Upon completion of each course, every citizen participating in this project will receive a diploma. The project is set to last for five years. Upon successful completion of all courses, Academia Unixploria will award doctoral titles to all participants.

Is it peace they want?

We will always stand behind Israel’s right to self-defense. That being said, they should have given the Palestinian Arabs more support to build a viable nation.

The ruling powers had too much of a guilty conscience after the Holocaust to think about the highly entangled historical and cultural diversity that constitutes the Holy Land. They allowed Israel to take what they could in an otherwise hostile environment.

Also, Jerusalem should have been better off under international jurisdiction from the very rebirth of the nation of Israel. Even though it is the historical capital of the Jewish people, it needs international governance. Jerusalem is, after all, the epicenter of the human search for a connection with the divine.

Launching rocket attacks, kidnapping innocent civilians, and using the nasty tools of terror have never paved the way for lasting peace.

If it’s peace they want, then stop all this nonsense at once. Unfortunately, we’re not sure that lasting peace is what these two antagonists, who seem to share far more than they’ll admit, are after.

Do we live in the best of worlds? The answer lingers. We do, however, live on the only planet we all call home. It’s time to start acting like we belong to a species with cognitive abilities, adding perhaps a grain of empathy.

Emotions and Family

Hugs are essential! Some kids today are so afraid of connecting with others that they get emotionally insecure or detached, suffering mentally because they lack empathy and don’t know how to show emotions. It all begins and ends with the family.

The family is the most crucial building block of any society. A father and mother should support each other and not be afraid to laugh, cry or show anger. We watch our elders and learn. That is how all animals grow and learn to handle difficult situations. We are still animals, even if God granted us a free conscience and a special place in creation.

A Progressive Conservative?

They say that the older you get, the more conservative you become. For me, it’s been the other way around. The older I get, and the more I learn, the more progressive I get. Like Christ, I’m bordering on revolutionary ideas. Politically speaking, this would mean that we should only prioritize the following: Progressive taxation, state-owned energy sources, universal healthcare, public schooling, progressive legislation regarding the climate crisis, a total overview of the current (failed) patent system, less work, more play and time for family life, etc., etc.

Then again, I’m pretty conservative regarding the value of the nuclear family, traditional values, faith in God, and a healthy suspicion towards new technology. The thing is that I don’t need to change others to feel content. If someone dislikes my traditional way of life, they may live their lives as they see fit. We all need a dose of rebellious actions to feel alive.

Time to take a stand

The Kingdom of Unixploria has never been politically correct. We speak, write, and think how we perceive things, not how others perceive them. We have always regarded that particular facet of contemporary society as a forebearer against free speech, leaning towards censorship.

The political developments have, however, made us reconsider some of our former stances. We cannot accept fascism in any way, shape, or form. We believe the extreme right-wing movements, Islamists, Christian fundamentalists, and other groups in Europe and elsewhere go against everything we hold dear.

Being a Christian nation, we also find that the hate rhetoric and egotistical speeches are far from what we would support to improve society. Political life resembles ethics in so many ways.

To leave minorities without protection, tax the poorest in society, swipe decades of emancipation under the rug, and disregard the scientific fact that humans cause climate change goes against the core of the Unixplorian nationhood.

To show the world we support equal rights, we’ve recently begun waving the rainbow flag at all public spaces and buildings. The ones opposing that particular flag are also the ones who are against democracy, equal rights, and the very freedoms we take for granted in Western civilization. It is a small way to show that the New Covenant still plays a vital part in Unixplorian society.

Musings of the Night

The world’s oldest monotheistic religion is Judaism. Christianity is a direct continuation of that cultural and historical heritage. I’ve always had faith, but I’ve recently met some weird men of faith who argued that people have always known about the Judeo-Christian God.

Their answer came after I questioned what people believed during paleolithic times. They must have had some religious customs and beliefs, but I doubt their rites were the same as ours. If God was an unknown concept to them, would God punish them for their sinful ways? And, why didn’t God reveal himself to humanity until 5-6000 years ago? (Genesis is now thought to be written in the 6th and 5th centuries BC.) The simple answer is: we don’t know.

I don’t have the answers. One argument would be that we don’t know when and how God revealed himself to us for the first time. We trust the written sources, while oral traditions can’t be accounted for. Science and religion share the quest for knowledge, but they try to gain that knowledge using different prerequisites.

I consider myself a man of science, and my scientific curiosity has guided me through much of adult life. My faith in God has also been a large part of my identity, and I’ve never once questioned God’s existence. I can’t, however, explain God, nor can I challenge the evolutionary timeline. The two do not contradict each other if you read the Bible as a narrative.

We’re still scientific infants. We try to understand our place in this vast universe, but we cannot explain what sparked that initial Big Bang. I believe that God is beyond time, matter and space, but I can’t make my belief scientific because I don’t understand my metaphysical beliefs. I neither comprehend the brilliant theories that Einstein put forward, but just because I don’t understand them doesn’t make them invalid. I put my faith in the great minds, much like I trust God.

Immoral Leaders

Our macronational neighbor, Sweden, politicians, and elected officials are lying through their teeth and seem to have no ethical compass whatsoever. The head of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency went on vacation to the Canary Islands in the midst of an epidemic. His only answer was: “It was a necessary trip. I’ve had to cancel several of my trips this year.”

Duh! What about the rest of the population? They have been told to stay at home, not socialize, and certainly not make unnecessary travel plans. Heck, they can’t even go abroad since they check all passengers. If you board a private plane and show a passport for diplomatic immunity, the rules of the game suddenly change. It’s distasteful.


The fact that many protested against the American police after George Floyd’s death, but not against Islamists when they cut Frenchmen’s throats, has a simple answer: They are not afraid of the American police. They are afraid of Islamists. Terror only works as long as we keep censoring ourselves.

The Kingdom of Unixploria does not bow down to terror, nor do we censor ourselves. We live in a free nation where everyone has the right to write or draw anything they want. You might not like it, but that’s just the way freedom works. We’re all in the same boat.

Does Unixploria have an Official Policy regarding Euthanasia?

The Kingdom of Unixploria does not have a policy yet. We consider life to be holy, and as such, no man should interfere in the natural process of life and death. However, members of the royal family have experienced family members who would willingly end life to avoid terminal diseases that cause them nothing but pain and suffering. All such decisions must, of course, be made with a sound mind and sound judgment. It would not be taken lightly and would also affect others. It might not even be a decision that one person can make alone since it would involve other family members.

Secular Interference

The validity of religion depends on how you practice it. I have no problems at all with my Hindu neighbors or my Muslim students. We may not share views on everything, but we respect each other’s belief systems. The main problem is when people treat religion as secular law, i.e., something that everyone is obliged to follow.

Western secular law was a product of Enlightenment to separate the two entities into a private and public sphere. I, for one, think we should do our utmost to keep it that way.

That being said, it does not mean that you, I, or any other person, are silenced; we just have to treat each other respectfully. You have a right not to believe, and I have a right to think. Conflicts occur when secular law interferes with religious commandments. Marriage is the most apparent problem. It is a sacred made secular and nonreligious

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