Is it peace they want?

We will always stand behind Israel’s right to self-defense. That being said, they should have given the Palestinian Arabs more support to build a viable nation.

The ruling powers had too much of a guilty conscience after the Holocaust to think about the highly entangled historical and cultural diversity that constitutes the Holy Land. They allowed Israel to take what they could in an otherwise hostile environment.

Also, Jerusalem should have been better off under international jurisdiction from the very rebirth of the nation of Israel. Even though it is the historical capital of the Jewish people, it needs international governance. Jerusalem is, after all, the epicenter of the human search for a connection with the divine.

Launching rocket attacks, kidnapping innocent civilians, and using the nasty tools of terror have never paved the way for lasting peace.

If it’s peace they want, then stop all this nonsense at once. Unfortunately, we’re not sure that lasting peace is what these two antagonists, who seem to share far more than they’ll admit, are after.

Do we live in the best of worlds? The answer lingers. We do, however, live on the only planet we all call home. It’s time to start acting like we belong to a species with cognitive abilities, adding perhaps a grain of empathy.

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