Goal for 2024

Our primary focus in 2024 is Project Polymath, where we will work on developing new skills and becoming more versatile.

Since childhood, the King dreamed of being a polymath. His preference for a generalist rather than a specialist approach allows for a holistic perspective and deeper thinking.

We will study various subjects, from Archaeology to Zoology and everything in between. Our objective is not only to acquire knowledge in these academic disciplines but also to apply what we learn to enhance our nation and strengthen the departments at Academia Unixploria.

As part of our comprehensive studies, we will include physical education. However, we will begin our journey by learning the fundamental techniques of learning and memory passed down by the ancient masters. To truly understand, we must first unlearn what has been ingrained in us during our traditional education.

Upon completion of each course, every citizen participating in this project will receive a diploma. The project is set to last for five years. Upon successful completion of all courses, Academia Unixploria will award doctoral titles to all participants.

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