I’m Back!

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’m alive and happy. I’ve had time to read and ponder on the more profound things in life during my absence from social media. I’ve grown and reconsidered many of my standpoints, and come to realize that experience is far more overwhelming when you live it instead of just watching others live theirs.

No digital space can ever replace real life; loving, crying, laughing, reminiscing and contemplating the nooks and crannies of your soul must be done in real life.

I will, however, continue to be inspired by the digital sphere, but I will concentrate my efforts on reading and researching my penchants. From now on I will publish content on a new website, as well as expanding my thoughts in print format. My other digital projects will receive minimal attention. More information will be published here for those of you who want to know more about my plans.

I will be on Facebook occasionally, and I will read your comments and posts whenever I feel I have the time. I will PM my postal address to those of you who want to correspond with me using paper and pen. For all others, I will continue to read my Messenger posts now and then, so drop a line if you’d like to get in touch.

I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, and at the same time remind you to remember the reason for the season. May God bless you all as we enter the Fourth of Advent.

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