The business of electing political leaders is becoming a global business. A lot of people, apart from the French themselves, have thoughts and endorsements to express concerning the presidential elections in France. I’m no different, and I think this global movement is only the beginning of something new and refreshing. We see the first steps of a truly global world, a world where boundaries no longer play the same crucial role as they used to. We are all interacting digitally, and we all consume, eat and wear pretty much the same things. I can’t say it’s all for the better, but I can tell it’s getting people together in a way we’ve never seen in human history. I’m aware of the fact that I’m speaking in general terms. This globalization mainly occurs in the Western world, even though the spread of western economic and political ideals impacts the world. With a global economy comes global thinking.

A result of that globalization can also be seen in the micronational movement. People from all colors, creeds and socioeconomic backgrounds are tired of their national borders, but at the same time proud of their ideas, values, and traditions on a very local level. In short: Think Globally, Act Locally!  My micronation is a result of that notion; to some degree an extension of the traditions and values of my local “tribe” in a global context. Living in a multicultural community is not a threat to your own culture. I think it can add value and strengthen all cultures if we nurture and honor our origins as a nation and as a family.

I also witness the emerging global village in my daily life. I live close to a small town in Sweden with a large international community. People from all over the world move here to work and live. When I attend my kids’ floorball (a genuinely Nordic sport!) practice, I can hear at least three different languages being spoken. If we don’t share a common native language, we use English, the lingua franca of our time. Political and cultural matters from across the globe are discussed because we all share the same global news, and we’re all affected by what happens on this planet, no matter where it happens.

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