Ecological Awareness

The state of the world is not as sad as you might expect. Sure, we have a long way before we can live a sustainable and peaceful life on this planet, but the fact is we live in the best of times despite the terror, wars and climate change. That being said, I’m acutely aware of all the challenges ahead. We live on a precious planet, surrounded by an infinite universe. As far as we know, we’re still alone in this vastness. We live here on planet Earth by God’s grace alone, and we better start taking better care of our home.

We need to put our petty differences aside and deal with the pressing issues at hand. We need a tolerant, united world to deal with the challenges ahead.

Is national or religious pride worth more than the planet we all come home? I’m not saying cultural pride is wrong; I’m just saying that we need to put the welfare of humanity and our precious planet first.

It makes no difference whether you’re an Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or Muslim. It makes no difference whether the color of your skin is black, red, white or yellow. We have one planet. It’s time to grow up and start acting as we care. If not for ourselves, then in honor of our ancestor’s history on this planet, and for the future of our children and grandchildren.

By these ideas, I will now promote a new vision for the Kingdom of Unixploria. It will be based on ecological awareness and the common good of planet Earth. My vision entails small (micro) and large (macro) nations all working together to solve our problems in a mutual understanding of prioritizing global challenges instead of just looking within our boarders for answers.

The Kingdom of Unixploria is up for the challenge. Are you?

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