Thankful For Being A Christian

Today we celebrate the joyous event that took place after Christ’s resurrection. The disciples met Christ and gained renewed strength through that meeting, as well as through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Looking back historically, I find myself being part of a long line of Christians. I cannot tell for sure when the first of my ancestors left the pagan Norse faith of Ásatrú for a life in Christ.

I do know that some of them must have clung to the old ways well into the Middle Ages, perhaps even longer. I also know that they too celebrated on this very day, but for varied reasons. Our Easter Monday was Spring Blút in the times of my Viking ancestors. They made offerings on this day, giving food, mead and material objects to oblige their pagan gods. I don’t have to offer my God anything but my sincere will to believe in my Savior’s unconditional love. That love changes me. One small step at a time I’m becoming a new man, a born-again Christian.

I’m thankful for being a Christian, but I also feel thankfulness to that very first ancestor of mine who (hopefully out of own free will) got baptized and followed the Christian faith. It’s because of him or her I wear a cross around my neck instead of Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer).

May God bless you, dear ancestor, for taking the path of light in which I now humbly try to follow.

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